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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Nag Panchami (মনসা পূজা ২০১৯)Manasa Puja 2019 Date ,Pictures

Manasa Devi (মনসা দেবী) is called the goddess of snakes.Manasha Puja is also called Nag Panchami.Manasha puja is very popular festival in India , Bangladesh and Nepal. The festival is celebrated from many years ago.Manasa is called the " Manash Kanna" of Lord Shiva . Manasa is the daughter of Lord Shiva.

The Reason of Manasa Puja

Manasa Puja India's popular worship It is said that Chand Sadagar has performed this puja because of which it has been worshiped. Later, it is said that the children of Chand Sadagar were bitten by snakes, and this was the reason that Manasa forced them to worship Chand Sodagar. But Chand Sodagar did not want to worship. Because Chand Sodagar was the devotee of Shiva. Because of which he did not agree to worship him. Later when Behula convinced him, he was forced to worship Manasa and when he gave worship, he got lotus flowers from left hand.

How Manasa Puja is celebrated ?
Manasha Puja is celebrated with great love as like other hindu festival. Hindus are celebrating this festival from many years and worship Manasa.Manasa is Snakes goddess.The Manasa puja is worshiped by the left hand of ours.It is said that Manasa is worship for Chand Swadagar .Everyone knows the story .
When Manasa Puja 2018 was celebrated??
Manasa Puja is a festival of hindus.Manasa Puja 2018 / Nag Panchami 2018 was celebrated on the 2nd august and 15th august in 2018.

When Nag Panchami 2019 will be celebarted?

Nag Panchami is a very popular festival in Hindus.The festival is basically call the worship of Snakes.It is also called Manasa Puja .People from India and Bangladesh are join the festival every year .Nag Panchami 2019 will be celebrated on the 5 August in 2019.

When Manasa Puja 2019 will be celebrated?

Manasa is the goddess of Hindu.The festival is very popular in India,Bangladesh.People from Nepal also worship Manasa on this day with love and believe.Manasa Puja 2019 ( মনসা পূজা ২০১৯) will be celebrated on the 22 july.Every year many hindus worship Manasa.

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