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Monday, 12 November 2018

Shiva Chaturdashi 2019 Date,Timing , Countdown, Pictures

Shiva Chaturdashi 2019 ( শিব চতুদর্শী ২০১৯)  : The one day festivals of Hindu community. Hindu's celebrate the festival with joy.Shiva Chaturdashi date, timing, Pictures is available in the post.This tool will calculate the time of Shivratri date in 2019 or It will explain the importantance of Shiva Chaturdashi. This day is celebrated in worldwide. The Hindu women & men from Australia, United States also fasting on shiv Chaturdashi to mark to day very specially.It is said that Parvati fasting on this day to Lord Shiva. From the ancient period, this festival is popular. Learn more about Shiva Chaturdashi from this page.      

Shiva Chaturdashi 2019 Date : Shiva Chaturdashi will be celebrate 4 March, 2019. It is the important day for hindu religion.When a wife needs long life for their husband, they come to Lord Shiva's temple & worship Lord Shiva. For this Shivratri or Shiva Chaturdashi is very important day for womens.Boys also can fasting for their girlfriend. It is a good wish and everyone can fasting on this day.Shiva Chaturdashi is one of the popular festival in India. On this day, many girls fast, and at the end of the night, fasting at the head of Shiva, the cow's raw milk and water breaks the fast.Shiva Chaturthi will be end on the 5 march in 2019. So we also can say that Shivratri will be end on the same day 5 march.  

About Shiva :
Shiva is the source of all energy. Shiva's devotees are called Shoibo . Shiva is called the god of gods. Shivan's wife name Parvati. There are many other names in Parvati such as Durga, Kali. However, Parvati, known as Shiv's wife from Kailash, as wife of Shiva. Shiva Parvati lives in Kailash and sees the world from there.One thing is said that Shiva's eyesight on which his family and everything is so good.

Shiva Chaturdashi in Mumbai : Shiva Chaturdashi is celebrate in Mumbai with love. It is one day festival in Mumbai. 

Shiva Chaturdashi in West Bengal : Shiva Chaturdashi is called Maha Shivratri in west bengal. Shiva Chaturdashi is known as shivaratri in West Bengal.On this festival day, Hindu goes to the Shiv temple & celebrate the festival with lights.Shiva Ratri will be celebrate on the 4th march in 2019 in world wide. Shivaratri 2019 date & time is given in this post.

Maha Shivratri 2019 Best Pictures
Maha Shivratri 2019 Best Picture

Maha Shivratri 2019 will be celebrated on 4 March in 2019 by worldwide. Mostly celebrate the festival from Mumbai, Kolkata ,Tamil etc. Maha Shivratri is very popular festival in India & Bangladesh. Though the festival is celebrate for Husband's long life. But now man & women both can fasting for their valentine's long life. There is a common talk about Shivratri. It is said that the woman who is fasting in Shivratri is getting a husband like Shiva.If you want to know about Shivratri, you can read this article and complete it, you will get enough knowledge about it. Read Shivratri - The Night of Shiva 
Shiva Chaturdashi 2019 - 4 March 

Shiv Ratri / Shiva Chaturdashi 2019 Wishes

Wishes 1 : May god bless you & your family.Wish you a sweet shiva chaturdashi .

Wishes 2 - May God keep your health and family and happiness forever.Wish you Shiva Chaturdashi. 

Wishes 3 : I pray that your family should always be happy.Wish you Shiva Chaturdashi.  

Wishes 4 : Shiva bless you for your prosperity. 

Wishes 5 : Maha Shivaratri. Wish you a good health and prosperity.     
Wishes 6 - Lord Shiv always helps you to find the right way for you.Keep praying in your sad time & keep praying in your good time.
Shiva Chaturdashi Pictures : Latest Shiva Chaturdashi / Shivaratri pictures are available .we create many pictures for the festival. We have the real & creative collection in our website. Collect the pictures and share the Pictures by social media such as facebook, twitter ,viber ,whatsapp and other social media.Thank you. 

Download Shiva Chaturdashi Pictures >>   

शिव चतुर्दशी 2019 के चित्र

शिव चतुर्दशी 2019 के चित्र

Shiva Chaturdashi 2019 Countdown : The countdown is here. Shiva Chaturdashi countdown is given in the bellow.

Shiva Chaturdashi 2019 Video