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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

जगधत्री पूजा | Jagadharti Puja 2019 Date, Countdown and Pictures Album

Jagadharti Puja - A special worship of Bengalis. This worship is done right after Durga Puja. Jagadhatri Mother's Vehicle Singha.There is a separate day and time for worshiping Jagadhatri.

Jagadharti Puja 2019 date ( জগধাত্রী পূজা ২০১৯ ) : Jagadharti Puja will be celebrate on 3th to 7th November .It is one of the hindus festival .The festival is celebrate in India and Bangladesh .

 Jagadharti Puja 2019 timing, Jagadharti Puja 2019 wishes, Jagadharti Puja 2019 quote, Jagadharti Puja 2019 sms is also available in this post.

Another form of Durga is Jagadhatri. Jagadhatri is worshiped as the world mother. It is celebrate in india & Bangladesh. Jagadharti worship is worshiped in different places of India such as Chandannagar Krishnanagar and some of the West Bengal are worshiped Jagadharti.

Jagadharti Puja Timing

* Jagadharti Puja 2019 Date : Jagadharti Puja  will celebrate from 3th November to 7th November. It is a holy festival in Hindu religion. Jagadharti is another character of Goddess Durga. Jagadharti puja is famous in Habza, Kolkata, Barasat etc.       

Jagadharti Puja 2018 Countdown : Responsive Jagadharti Puja 2019 countdown is here bellow the post.Check the countdown.

Jagadharti Puja Pictures 2019 : Latest Jagadharti Puja 2019 pictures collection is available in our website. We made the pictures. If you want to share this pictures , you can share it on social media .

All of information collected from Google and Wekipedia. From the google,people can find the real date and times. So, we collect this data from google.Google provide the correct information to the visitors.

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