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Friday, 9 November 2018

2019 Bhai Fota, Bhai Dooj, Vhai Phota Date, Qoute, Whatsapp HD Pictures

Brother-sister relationship is the most sacred relationship in this world. There is a festival called "Bhai fota" / " Bhai Dooj " in Hinduism to keep the love of brother sings intact. On this day, sisters pray for the life of their brother. Everyone in this world wants his brother to live well for a long time. And these hopes are so strong that the relationship stays strong. Brothers and sisters love to grow like this since childhood. The activities are so intense that this relation is very expensive for every sister than all other relationships.
Bhai Fota 2018 - 9 November
Bhai Fota 2019 - 29th October

There is a special day for this "Bhai Fota". This festival is celebrated after two days of Kali Puja every year. Originally, this festival begins when Jamuna prays for his brother " JOOM " for long time. Brother sister love is completely different from all other love. This love does not have interest. Only love is there.
From childhood, brothers and sisters are both partners in the playground. There are lots of angry quarrels in love. Likewise, brother-sister's love will be a little angry, little love. Those who do not have a brother or sister, they do not have a brother's sister. After the brother-in-law's rage grew short Every year, there is a festival every year in Kolkata. Wherever the brothers are, this day their sister is present in the house. The brothers gift chocolates and different things for the sisters. The little sisters get many gifts from their brothers. The younger brother got many gifts and money from the elder sister.

The festival is on 9 November, 2018. The festival will be celebrated again on October 29, 2019.

Bhai Fota Quote / Bhai Fota message

Message 1 : May God increase the life expectancy of my brother with the good work of my life. My brother is always good. He should be free from all bad shades.

Message 2 : God always be kind to my brother, keep my brother always good.God bless my brother.

Message 3 : God please love my brother and help him always as your child.Please give him strength & power.

Message 4 : Ei Bhalobasha jeno Otut Thake Ajibon, Jeno amra poro jonme roe jai dui bhai bon.

Message 5 : God mere vaiko tum dekh kar rakhna.o mera jan ka tukra hai.Usko hamesa accha karna.Usse har taraki madat karna. Usko uski buri time mai sath rakhna tum.

ভাইফোঁটার মেসেজ :

আমার জীবনের ভালো কাজের অংশ দিয়ে যেনো ঈশ্বর আমার ভাইয়ের আয়ু বাড়িয়ে দেয় । আমার ভাই যেনো সবসময় ভাল থাকে।সে যেন সব খারাপ ছায়া থেকে মুক্ত থাকে।

ঈশ্বর যেনো আমার ভাইয়ের প্রতি সবসময় সদয় হন, আমার ভাইকে সবসময় ভাল রেখো।

The relationship between brother and sister is considered to be the most sacred relation in Hinduism. There are two special days of the year for the relationship between brother and sister.
1 - Rakhi Purnima
2- Bhai Phota

Rakhi Purnima, Bhai fota is both for brothers and sisters.Bhai fota & Rakhi Purnima is one of the sweet Festival in India & Bangladesh. Most probably it is celebrated in Kolkata, odisha.

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